Project Details

  • Entry – Cortec LVP Flooring in color Cairo Oak, Sconce wall lights
  • Kitchen Island – 9’ x 8’ quartz island in color French Lace, Wellborn Cabinets in color Glacier
  • Living Room Beams – faux wrapped beams
  • Garage Storage – custom designed maple slate wall storage
  • Back Porch – LP Smart Side siding in color Timberland Suede, Azek Decking and Trim

Remote Work Living

Many homeowners are working remotely from home now. This home incorporates working and entertaining in the same space. The open main living area has a 15’ ceiling height and while the rest of the home has 9’ ceiling height. Warm, comfortable light flows through this home from the LED can lights, wall sconce light fixtures, under cabinet lights, and 35 windows.

The residence’s entryway boasts an inviting ambiance with the installation of Cortec LVP Flooring in the captivating color Cairo Oak. This high-quality flooring not only enhances the space’s aesthetic appeal but also provides durability and ease of maintenance. Accentuating the entry are strategically placed sconce wall lights that illuminate the area and add a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

The heart of the home features a spacious 9′ x 8′ quartz island in the elegant hue of French Lace, creating a central hub for culinary endeavors and social gatherings. The island is adorned with Wellborn Cabinets in the stunning color Glacier, providing ample storage space while seamlessly blending with the contemporary aesthetic of the kitchen. The combination of quartz and Wellborn Cabinets ensures functionality and contributes to the kitchen’s overall luxurious feel.

Adding a touch of architectural charm to the living room are faux-wrapped beams that traverse the ceiling. These beams serve as a visual focal point and create a sense of warmth and depth within the living space. The faux wrapping technique achieves a rustic aesthetic, complementing the overall design theme of the residence.

The garage has custom-designed maple slate wall storage, providing a practical and efficient solution for organizing tools, equipment, and other items. The tailored design ensures that every inch of space is utilized effectively, promoting a clutter-free and managed garage environment. The combination of maple and slate colors not only enhances the functionality of the storage system but also adds a touch of sophistication to the garage interior.

The back porch is a serene retreat featuring LP Smart Side siding in the earthy and inviting color Timberland Suede. This siding adds a rustic charm to the exterior and offers durability and resistance to the elements. The porch is further elevated with Azek Decking and Trim, providing a low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. The combination of LP Smart Side siding and Azek materials ensures that the back porch remains visually appealing and resilient against the wear and tear of outdoor elements.

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