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(Updated 2/16/2023)

Oh, the many adventures of being a contractor. Time and time again, the good guys are coming behind the bad guys fixing poorly built structures and attending to leaks that all could have been prevented had the previous builder taken an extra five minutes.

My advice as a homeowner is instead of going through the painstaking process of having to get things re-done on your house. Start your new remodeling project by digging deeper into the track record and client history of the builder you’re considering hiring.

Calling on your contractor’s client references is an excellent start. I would also encourage you to have them show you some step-by-step processes of any similar job that they have done. Check these pictures out. Is the job site clean in the photos? If not, that trashed yard is going to be your house next. What kinds of materials are being used? In what ways are they preventing water from entering the home?

I also recommend getting bids from several different builders you have been referred to. Really check out the differences in how they answer these questions and the references they provide.

Flashing done right!

Doing your due diligence can save thousands of dollars in frustration, real structural problems, and even lawsuits. A good contractor will be OK with letting you peer deeply into their past work history and should be OK with calling on some past clients, and of course, they better be licensed and insured.

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Sincerely, Chris Mason

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