Project Details

  • Total remodel
  • New fireplace & built-ins
  • New tray ceiling
  • All new slider
  • New deck added to front facade
  • Remodeled kitchen space

Homestead Property Remodel

Situated in the stunning Homestead Resort near Glen Arbor, Michigan, this ambitious home remodeling project reflects the natural beauty of its location, standing majestically beside the serene Lake Michigan. This expansive project includes a total remodel of the property inside and out, enhancing the homely charm and upgrading the overall aesthetic to a more modern, elegant design.

One of the most notable outdoor improvements involves the addition of a new deck to the house’s front facade. This adds an appealing feature and expands the outdoor living space, providing a perfect spot for homeowners to relish the breathtaking views of Lake Michigan or enjoy al fresco dining during the warm summer months.

The most significant upgrade Within the living area is installing a new fireplace strategically relocated to the opposite side of the room. This change, coupled with the installation of built-in cabinetry on either side of the fireplace, has opened up the living space and brought about a more symmetrical and balanced layout. With its modern, clean design, the new fireplace acts as a cozy centerpiece that lends a warm, inviting ambiance to the living area.

New tray ceilings with tastefully detailed crown moldings were added to enhance the aesthetic value of the living space. This architectural design element brings a unique depth and sophistication to the room, making it appear larger and more luxurious. The added crown molding is a subtle touch that bridges the gap between the walls and ceiling, adding a refined elegance to the overall design.

Furthermore, an all-new sliding door system was installed, replacing the previous conventional doors. This adds an aspect of modernity to the property, maximizes natural light, and creates a seamless indoor-outdoor connection, enhancing the space’s overall openness and airy feel.

The kitchen was not left untouched. The space was remodeled to meet the modern demands of culinary adventures and social gatherings. The new design boasts increased cabinetry for better storage solutions and a more organized, clutter-free kitchen environment. Furthermore, the layout has been adjusted to accommodate a larger cooking, dining, and entertaining area, making the kitchen more functional and welcoming.

This Homestead Property Remodel aims to create a harmonious blend of comfort, functionality, and style. It’s a perfect example of how thoughtful design and attention to detail transform a beautiful property into a stunning, contemporary home.