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(Updated 2/16/2023)

A home on the lake is a dream for many. You envision the perfect spot, lake or stream, summer days filled with rest, relaxation, beautiful sunrises, or sunsets—a place to retreat from the stresses of daily life. However, the last thing you want is a poorly chosen or planned home site.

Lakeshore Custom Homes specializes in waterfront custom homes. We have plenty of experience to help you build the perfect waterfront home that you’ll enjoy for years to come. So let our expertise guide you to the ideal new home in Northern Michigan.

When looking for the perfect waterfront property, consider the following significant factors:

A big part of owning a waterfront home is the satisfaction of a fantastic water view! But does the property have a good view of the water?

Where will the sun rise and set?  Consider how the sun will fall throughout the day. This can help you determine the orientation of your home. You will want to consider how this will affect the ideal location of decks, awnings, the size and placement of windows, landscaping, etc.

How will you access your lake or other body of water? How accessible is it? Will you need stairs? Is your lake an “All Access” lake, or are motorboats prohibited? Will you need retention walls or other erosion control? What is the historical high-water mark, and how might that affect things in the future? How do the seasons affect the water levels? Are there any dams that control the water level? (Lake Leelanau and Lower Herring lake are both managed by dams.)

How deep is the water table? Will you need a sump pump or special septic system? Is a public sewer service available?

Is your beach area swimmable? Is the bottom sandy or rocky?

From which direction does the prevailing wind come? How will breezes affect your enjoyment of your property? Will you need a windbreak or landscaping to manage it?

Trees and Landscaping
Do any trees affect the view of the lake? Will this change over time? Will tree roots threaten septic systems or the house foundation in the future? What landscaping might you wish to add? Do you want additional privacy, wind protection, and possibly adding trees or shrubs to manage snow drifts in the winter?

Lake or Homeowner Associations
Associations may add additional restrictions beyond local zoning ordinances. Will association rules conflict with your personal enjoyment of the water and your home? Associations, while sometimes restrictive, are often helpful in maintaining lakes and implementing improvements by allowing members to combine resources.

Privacy and Noise
A busy lake with a lot of boat traffic may not offer the privacy you desire. Noise may be a problem as well. Lake Michigan’s beaches are public property (up to the high-water mark), and you’ll likely have people strolling the beaches. Private lakes offer more control over the beaches, but you still may have boaters.

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