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(Updated 2/16/2023)

Being part of the Glen Lake Cottage renovation has been a fulfilling experience for me as a contractor. Having the opportunity to renovate a home filled with memories dating back to 1927 brings a smile to my face.

The Glen Lake Cottage project was the epitome of preserving the vintage while infusing the modern. In addition, it was a project where I could combine all of my trade skills, from building and remodeling to finish carpentry.

What started as a summertime vacation spot for guests of the Glen Eden Resort in 1927 soon became a summertime sanctuary for the White-Schilling family in 1940. The dwelling boasted components that many would consider a cottage lover’s dream.

Beadboard CabinetsA primary endeavor I was given working on this home was to preserve and refresh the existing beadboard cabinets, replicate them, adding additional beadboard cabinets in the same room. Attention to detail was of utmost importance as the room needed to look uniform. This required excellent finish carpentry skills.

Beadboard cabinets have a history in and of themselves. Beadboard originated as an inexpensive millwork sheathing made from scraps commonly used in seasonal homes, beach houses, and cottages dating back from the 1800s. The ridges between the planks are known as “beads”; thus, the name beadboard was derived. The rustic elegance that beadboard provides today still makes many people swoon. It’s one of those building materials that just never goes out of style.

Overall, the completed project would be described by many as being “cottage eye candy .” However, the beadboard work was just one aspect of the overall transformation at Glen Lake. As a team, we literally raised the roof with over-the-top, artful combinations of vintage and modern elements.

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Chris Mason

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