Delightful Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas - featured image

(Updated 2/16/2023)

Open shelving in kitchens often stirs up one of two reactions: You either like or dislike them. We think the open shelving we did for the owners of a Lake Michigan home turned out quite extraordinary. However, we can’t take all the credit as the homeowner beautifully organized the shelves. The result is visually appealing, as you can see. The combination of warm white cabinets and shelves with natural wood countertops gives the kitchen an organic, cottage-like feel. The entire space exudes warmth and hospitality.

The reasons to like open shelving are apparent. Open shelves provide an opportunity for one to display dishes and collectibles. They are a significant design element that can make a room look and feel bigger. Some may say that open shelves give the room a European flair. They can be functional by eliminating the need to open and close doors, as everything is clearly within sight and reach.

People who like open shelves may find the necessity of keeping them tidy as an incentive rather than a deterrent. People who do not like the idea of open shelves usually loathe the thought, feeling that the necessity to keep them organized and clean is the source of their disdain. The visual effect of open shelves may also be seen as clutter rather than art to them. Many open kitchen shelving ideas are out there; you might like them.

What side of the open kitchen shelving debate do you fall on?

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